How do I use your products?

The best way to use them is to incorporate them as a part of your daily routine for the best results. While placing items on be certain to state intentions. 

 I am sensitive to X,Y,Z can I get something custom?

Yes you can the best option in this case is to e-mail before purchasing that way we can agree on your items and formulation. 

 I need my items before a specified date I know that there is a waiting period for your items can you rush my order?

If you need an item rushed to you please contact me before ordering that way I will be able to check to see if it's on hand, if it is I have no issue sending it out but please check before ordering. 

 I paid for priority shipping why haven't I received my items?

Priority shipping only ensures that you receive priority shipping not priority processing. 

My package says delivered but I don't see it?

If your item shows as being delivered please give USPS at least one business day to ensure that there is not an issue on their end. If you still have not received your package please e-mail us at support@blackmadonnacosmetics.com. We will verify the shipping information we have on file and if necessary assist in making a claim through USPS. Please do not DM. 

I DM'd you and I haven't received a response

The best way to get in contact with me in regards to your orders is through e-mail. With the volume of DMs I receive per day it's best to create a thread in regards to your order so that I am able to refer back. Messages get lost in DMs all the time and I would like to assist you in a timely manner. If you have any order inquiries please e-mail support@blackmadonnacosmetics.com 

The wrong shipping address was given can I update it?

If we received the wrong shipping address you are more than welcome to update the shipping address by sending your order information and updated address to support@blackmadonnacosmetics.com if your item has not already been sent out. If your item has already been sent you will be responsible for covering the shipping cost of the replacement. 

I had to pay VAT/DUTY or Customs fees

Although we apologize for the inconvenience at  this time due to our low pricing customs agents tend to value our products at higher prices, due to this we are not responsible for the duty fees. All items must be declared at customs